Pressure Washing Services In London And Kent

High pressure washing and cleaning for building facades including brickwork, concrete, cladding and all surfaces and substrates.

Seeclear employ specialist jet washing and steam cleaning teams for commercial and industrial properties in London and South East UK.

Seeclear Facilities use the latest, state of the art high powered machinery and equipment including Super hot TORIK machines.

Using our industrial steam and pressure cleaning equipment, suction and pressure hoses with operating temperatures of up to 150°C, we can undertake a variety of heavy duty tasks, including pressure washing building facades, car parks, shopping arcades, estates, etc.

  • Specialists in External Cleaning using power washing, steam cleaning & jet washing equipment.
  • Cleaning & restoration of stone, masonry, brick, brickwork, concrete, block paving & other hard masonry surfaces.
  • Using high pressure steam / hot / cold water ~ Hard Surface Moss, Mould, Mildew & Green Algae Control
  • Protection Coatings for Masonry ~ Anti-graffiti paint & weatherproofing coatings.

If you require high quality pressure washing services in London and Kent, then look no further than Seeclear Facilities. Working with businesses of all sizes, we specialise in the professional cleaning of commercial and industrial properties across the capital and surrounding areas.

Our pressure washing and steam cleaning services can be used to clean building facades, remove chewing gum, scrub away graffiti or simply give your building or floor a touch up. We have the expertise to clean all building materials including concrete, brickwork and cladding.

Fully trained staff and high quality equipment

Number one for pressure washing services in London and Kent, we employ teams of highly skilled cleaners, each fully trained in jet washing and steam cleaning.

Ensuring we're at the forefront of what we do, we continue to invest in the latest cleaning equipment. We currently use state of the art Super Hot TORIK machines which reach up to 150°, allowing us to remove tough stains and grime that have built up over the years. Using pressure washers, industrial steam cleaning equipment and suction hoses, we have the expertise to tackle cleaning jobs in all types of buildings including car parks, flats, office blocks, shopping centres and more.

Protective coatings can be applied to all masonry once cleaning has finished. The solution is designed to protect the masonry from graffiti and the harsh weather.

Stone restoration

For older buildings and structures we offer a cleaning and restoration service. With specialised equipment we can restore all types of materials including stone, masonry, concrete and brick back to their original appearance.

Other services we offer

We also offer commercial cleaning, gutter cleaning, block management, window cleaning and more. For more information on pressure washing services in London and Kent or any other professional cleaning services we offer, contact our experts today.

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