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Seeclear Facilities can provide a total solution for your waste services, we can offer a regular weekly or monthly service or an emergency quick response collection 24/7. Our operatives are fully trained and are all in uniform.

We are registered with the Environment Agency as an upper tier waste carrier, broker and dealer

What Is Land Clearance?

Seeclear Facilities Extreme Waste, Sound ethics & effective sustainability

The most asked question is, what is land clearance? Many people are confused as to what it is, and whether it’s the right thing they’re looking for. To put it simply, land clearance is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the process of clearing a plot of land. This involves  removal of any vegetation and foliage that’s present. Typically, people will look for land clearance companies when they have an area of dense vegetation that needs to be cleared.

Land clearance is all to do with  removing  the natural foliage on the land, and making the area completely bare. Once this is done, you have a fresh plot of land to begin construction on or use for other means. There are both industrial and private land clearing services available. Land clearance involves the use of heavy machinery including excavators and bulldozers. It’s a big process and needs to be completed with a lot of care and attention.

Our one-off vegetation clearance services can help you clear your green spaces, highways, nature reserves and heritage sites ready for development or enhancement.

If you’ve acquired a tract of land, you may encounter areas of excessive plant growth that can create a substantial obstacle that must be removed before development can proceed. Trees, shrubs and weeds and even invasive species can all clutter open areas and prevent access for personnel and vehicles, slowing down the whole process and proving costly for land developers. Invasive weeds can spread over larger areas and require expert logistical management.

We can also provide additional arboricultural management and tree surgery where necessary in both amenity and utility settings.

Our Fly-Tipping Removal Services

Private Land Clearance

If you are a private landowner, we can safely and securely remove illegally dumped waste from your property, while working to reduce any impact the waste could have on your land through our cleanup services. 

Public Land Clearance – We also provide safe fly tipping clearance services for public areas such as parks, open spaces and work with local authorities to safely remove dumped waste for the benefit of the public and local area.

Hazardous Removal 

Dumped waste can often contain hazardous, sharp, illegal, toxic or poisonous substances, either left illegally at a site or as a byproduct of the waste breaking down. Our team has vast experience in safely removing the majority of most common waste types, and delivering it to licensed waste transfer stations to be processed in accordance with current environmental regulations.

Village, Town and City Removals 

We also remove illegally dumped waste in villages, towns, cities and other urban areas, where this waste can attract rodents and pests into properties and waste can block pavements, roads and streets for residents, pedestrians and drivers.

We are dedicated to provide services to ensure consistency and quality, customer-focused and available to all. No matter the size or scale of your property, get in touch for a quote, our customer helpdesk will be there to provide assistance 24/7.

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